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Poiema Arts Conservatory (PAC)

Executive Summary



  • A Christian, non-profit, educational organization providing practical training for high school and college-aged youth as well as professional adults in the performing arts. 


  • The goal is to identify those who have a distinct ability and interest in the arts. One that may continue past secondary and even collegiate educational years.


  • We will work with area youth, adults, and families to foster an environment that facilitates and promotes the development of talent in the performing arts.


  • PAC will provide a practical education in several disciplines including acting, dance, instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, and technical theatre production.


  • The all-important pursuit of academic and arts achievement is a primary area of focus at the Poiema Arts Conservatory.  


  • In all that we do, diligence and excellence are instilled in and expected of students and adults. 


  • It is our belief that through a strong, relevant, and progressive approach to academic and arts education, people will find a solid pathway to personal accomplishment. 


  • PAC will accept students for the school term that begins in August 2019. 







  • The Arts: provide practical opportunities for participation in Broadway-style theatre productions, dance theatre, concerts, and art exhibits. 


  • Academics: PAC will partner with the Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA), Lynchburg VA, for online academics that will include a general academic curriculum along with the opportunity to take DUAL ENROLLMENTcourses.


  • Students who take advantage of dual enrollment and successfully complete the four-year curriculum, will earn a HS diploma as well as an associate’s degree in liberal arts studies from Liberty University. 


  • All monies spent by the student on academic courses through LUOA will be matched dollar for dollar by Liberty University for tuition at the university.


  • PAC will utilize mentoring programs, which pair each student with an adult mentor for the academic year. Mentors will be an advocate and resource for students. They will also provide supervision as participants engage in the LUOA curriculum. 


  • Mentors will receive continuous training throughout the year and will participate in monthly meetings with the PAC administration to report the young person's progress.




Goals and Objectives



  • Provide arts education and mentoring for high school youth.


  • Create partnerships with local public and private institutions for educating young people.


  •  PAC plans to have 400 students in the first year and 1000 students in four years. 


  • PAC intends to produce at least six (6) main stage productions each year.  Yearly productions will include The Nutcracker Ballet, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, a fall and spring dance concert, instrumental and vocal recitals, and two student-led one act productions. The theatre will also produce continual Broadway-style productions throughout the year.


  • The PAC will sponsor annual conventions focusing on dance, theatre, and music.  This will involve local participants as well as students from surrounding states. This would also utilize local lodging and restaurants.


  • Establish an effective endowment for at-risk, privilege-challenged students that would allow for inclusion into the program regardless of economic challenges.







The mission of Poiema Arts Conservatory is the pursuit of the following principles:


  • A realization that the underpinning for all things is a relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • Inspire exceptional arts technique, strong interpersonal skills, and instill a sense of hope in the future.


  • Establish a solid academic foundation thus enhancing the ability of participants to be viable and contributing members of the community. 


  • Empower youth in establishing goals for their lives in line with their calling.


  • Instill a sense of commitment in accordance with their calling. 


  • Expand the perspective of young people, making them aware of life's possibilities and the social relevance of the arts.


  • Surround young people in a caring, inclusive learning environment.


  • To provide the local community/region with exceptional productions that will bolster the hospitality and tourism components of the community through professional, Broadway-style shows, concerts, and conventions.




Organizational Summary



Legal Entity


  • Poiema Arts Conservatory (PAC) is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, institute and mentoring organization that trains young people in disciplines leading to career opportunities in the arts.


Educational Governance


  • PAC will employ competent, experienced, administrators and staff to oversee the day to day operations. They will be responsible for carrying out the vision provided and overseen by a professional, qualified Board of Directors. 



Board of Directors


  • The PAC leadership consists of qualified men and women who understand and are experienced in academic and arts education as well as Christian ministry. The board will give scriptural, philosophical, and practical oversight to the entire operation of PAC.




Administration and Staff





  • This person will act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the administration and staff of PAC. He or she will be ultimately responsible for daily operations, overseeing staff, and implementation of the overall program as directed by the Board of Directors.




  • This person will be responsible for the student’s learning experience, staff development, as well as the implementation of the required curriculum. The Administrator/Principal will work closely with the Chancellor to bring about desired outcomes as prescribed by the Board of Directors.




  • Will consist of degreed persons who not only have exceptional knowledge of their specific subject but have real-world experience which enables them to mentor PAC students with a high degree of excellence and professionalism.







  • The academic component of the student’s experience through Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (aka: AdvancEd). This means that PAC students will be enrolled in a quality, private and accredited academy.


  • PAC will be working with The Accrediting Commission for Community and Pre-Collegiate Arts Schools (ACCPAS) to provide accreditation for the program.







Currently, PAC is looking at a gorgeous space in the North Raleigh area to purchase. The plans are to acquire the pre-existing building that will house a 1600 seat theater. This theater will include state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, large dressing rooms, theater offices, concession areas, a professional fly system, and large backstage areas.  The property will also house 3-4 large studios, a large computer lab for online leaning through Liberty University, office suites, and a fully equipped scenic design facility.




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