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Welcome to the Poiema Family.


About Us

What do we do? 

Train and equip dancers, instrumentalists, vocalists, dramatic performers, and stage technicians to present professional level theatre productions.


Where we are located?  Raleigh, NC


What is our mission?  

Train and equip students to strive for excellence in the arts in order to reach the nation(s) with the Gospel.

Powerfully utilize the arts for Christ and the furtherance of God’s kingdom.

Poiema Arts, Inc.

Pronounced – Po’emma//Translation from Greek: Workmanship, Work of Art, Masterpiece.

Who are we?  

Poiema Arts Inc., is a 501-C3/non-profit organization providing a comprehensive approach to arts education for members of the Greater Raleigh/Triangle area. We work to foster an environment that promotes exceptional and practical education in all aspects of the performing arts. 

How do we accomplish 

our mission?

Why is this 


  • PoiemaArtistry: A world-class performance ministry including theatre and dance.

  • Studio Poiema: A community-based dance and theatre studio offering classes to students aged three years old to all stages of adulthood. 

  • Poiema Arts Conservatory: The educational component of Poiema Arts involves one-to-one mentoring in both academics as well as arts education. (Coming Soon!)

  • Annual Summer Arts Convention: Host a national dance, theatre, and production conference/workshop for regional and national dancers and clinicians.

Cultural Perspective - Sights and sounds manipulate thought, action, philosophies, and relationships. The arts and media  (including music, theater, film, journalism, printed news, and the like) shape the hearts and minds of our society. The content of darkness which is prevalent in the arts today will negatively affect generations to come if we remain inactive. At no other time in history is it more critical that the Body of Christ rise up and take the position of offense in order to reshape the message and establish God’s truth in the nation(s).  

Economic Perspective - Through the productions, conferences, conservatory, community dance/arts studio, and concert series, there is every reason to believe that the Greater Raleigh community will benefit economically from the presence and success of Poiema.

Michael and Kelly Green, along with their family have been a part of arts ministry for over 30 years. Their passion is to see the Kingdom of God advanced through the arts. They have given themselves to excellence and exceptionalism in how the arts are embraced and used for a higher purpose. They enjoy watching young and old alike achieve mastery of their specific art's disciplines to affect change in the world.  “For too many years, Believers have been afraid to utilize their GOD-given talents for something Big. Often times what is utilized never reaches full maturity because of fear or ignorance.” states Michael, “but there is a fresh push to rise above the norm and be that ‘city on a hill’ and affect change in our communities both regionally and nationally. God is moving and we need to move with Him.”

Michael Green

Founder and Director of Poiema Arts, Inc and
PoiemArtistry, Inc

Michael hails from the land of the Buckeyes – Ohio. He graduated from Central Bible College in 1984 and has studied theater, mime, and dance for nearly 45 years. Prior to directing theater, he and his wife served in pastoral ministry for over 20 years in Columbus, Ohio as well as Raleigh, North Carolina. Since 2001, Michael has served on the staff of North Raleigh Christian Academy as the Director of Fine Arts, directing an award-winning theater program. The NRCA Squire Theater was one of the first private schools in the nation to produce Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera and Mary Poppins. Over the past 17 years, Michael has directed over 45 plays and musicals while helping to begin several local dance and theater groups. He is excited about the next phase of God's journey as he and his family establish both a regional school for the arts and a professional performing arts company that will help to expand God's Kingdom to the nation. 

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