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GOD IS GOOD...Kingdom Momentum

I woke up thinking about this: "The Kingdom of God has an innate, necessary component of momentum." As I am (currently) meditating on that, I am asking myself, "Is Kingdom momentum sustainable? Won't we get tired? Don't we require rest?"  I am considering the answer to these questions as "YES, to all the above."

Momentum is built on faith. Faith in God who is inherently good. Nothing God does is apart from His goodness. When we focus on His goodness we will keep the momentum. If we cultivate an atmosphere/attitude of thankfulness and belief, we keep the momentum moving at an alarming pace. In today's environment we all can agree we need to see His glory in an ever-increasing rate.

Do you allow doubt and uncertainty to cloud vision? Do you give up too early because you feel that faith and emotion got mingled....and let's face it, emotions are not always sustainable. Faith in a good God will produce more faith and energy. Thankfulness will see circumstances from the vantage point of "heaven to earth, not earth to heaven." It's all about perspective, isn't it? Trust me, if you chose to believe when doubt seems to be in play, well-meaning people will look at you as a naive fool. This can cause fear and confusion...and ultimately a defeatist spirit to overtake you! When weariness overtakes us, we simply rest and find that His word is true: "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31). When others give up, sit down, and give in to spiritual impotence, we will soar, run, and walk at a good pace...momentum! Let's not settle, allowing circumstances to define our theology and our definition of His goodness. He is good no matter what! That's a strength-giving truth!!! That truth will make the eagle jealous!!!!!!

He will give us the strength to keep momentum on our side. It won't be easy. We war against things unseen. But those passionately in love with Jesus will understand the mysteries of the how to believe in the midst of circumstances that say, "bad things happen because it is the will of the Lord." Bad and good don't intermingle well (talk about a momentum killer!). What the enemy means for evil, God will make good out of it. Bad doesn't come with a relationship with Jesus. Bad comes from the enemy and life in general. An attitude of thankfulness allows and cultivates good, because it is the will of Father to extend His goodness into all phases of life. Just because something happens in life that threatens to slow momentum doesn't mean God is in it. All evil can be changed for the good.

Some may say, "but what about persecution?" Even in the midst of hard circumstances that threaten our life, we find His goodness. Times like this serve to strengthen and perpetuate the Kingdom. It's like oxygen on a fire!! It's all about our attitude. It's what we chose to focus on. We choose to believe GOD IS GOOD, and therefore, we choose to believe and thank Him for HIs goodness toward us. So even when we are threatened, we see His goodness - which propels the Kingdom into the dark places, changing dark to brilliant light. Now that's true Kingdom living! Let's not allow fear, doubt, complacency, false theology, and bad circumstances take that truth away from us....GOD IS GOOD!!!

Push hard, don't give up!

Rebuke fear and DOUBT!!

Don't settle when circumstances say stop!!!!

Let's keep the momentum going!!!

...the world needs us!


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