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Kingdom Entrepreneurship...


I don't want to waste my words or your time in writing this latest blog. So I will be INTENTIONAL and to the point. Many things have presented themselves lately in the life our family's pursuit of our calling. Rather than talking out of turn or bogging the reader down in details, I want to zero in on a concept that should be universal to the Body of Christ. A concept, that has yet to have widespread conviction and implementation. It's the truth of Kingdom Entrepreneurship.

As I spent the greater part of my adult life either in pastoral ministry or education, the same question seems to get asked. "Where should I go?" I will use the question in the context in which it was asked. As young and old alike wake up to their destinies in Christ, this question is asked in the pursuit of furthering education and opportunity. Our family had one of our "pow-wows" this week and we discussed this question. In light of secularism and humanism being inherent to the educational system of our country, this seems a fair question. But to those of us who are aware of the schemes of the enemy, we recognize this question for what it is many times. There aren't many opportunities for quality education and training for believers in a godly, Kingdom-oriented setting (and if it exists, it is normally subpar and reactionary rather than visionary). We are asked by our well-meaning friends and families to seek out profile/resume building experiences at prestigious universities and employment venues.

"It's the way of the world, and we have to compete for jobs and advancements."

We have arrived at a critical point in the effectiveness of the church in America (and around the world, for that matter). I have an idea that could stop that question of "where do I go?" before it is asked. When my family engaged in our table-talk, we came to this conclusion: If the Body of Christ would take the call to Kingdom Entrepreneurism seriously we would be in a great position to affect generational reformation. Here's what I mean. My family and I have been called to build a world class performing arts training and performing institution. If we do this right, with professionalism and anointing, according to the excellencies of the Lord, we would have the question change. Rather than have those who are called to this type of ministry ask the question of "where?" they would be asking, "How do I get there?" That's the result of correct Kingdom Entrepreneurism. You see, we should never look at Kingdom Entrepreneurism as an alternative. IT IS NOT AN ALTERNATIVE! It is a solution.

We need to be on the front edge of innovation, exceptionalism, and professionalism.

This is why the Green Family has committed ourselves to starting this ministry known as POIEMA ARTS CONSERVATORY. It's not a good idea, but a necessary one. We view this opportunity as life or death issue for thousands who are called of the Lord. There is harvest, and we have asked the Lord to send us. We are over watching young and old alike go to other "temples" to learn and receive impartation, only to be trained in ways that are counterproductive to the Kingdom of God.


Up until now, the vast majority of those seeking training have opted for what the world expects and offers, not what the Kingdom can afford to give. LET'S ALL BE ENTREPRENEURS. Whatever you find to do, do it with your whole heart so that the question of "where" never need be asked again. The "where" is you. Be attractive (let the reader understand context). Be aware of the schemes of the enemy. Walk in FATHER'S favor and ingenuity. NEVER settle for second place. Once we embrace this, there will be lines forming behind us wanting training, discipleship, and true life opportunities. ARE YOU READY?

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