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The Photoshopped Life

In this day of social media we are increasingly perpetuating that which is untrue, plastic, and shallow. We have seen an increase in the "thin-ness" of relationships and the need for real human encounter. We are living in a photoshop from the outside in. WHY?

Look at it like this: when you peruse someone's Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you see them at what appears to be their best. Smiles, successful activity, warm relationships, etc. We are enamored with their appearance. They look so happy, fulfilled, and in control of their world. WRONG! That is only a picture of what they wish could be their world. The state of affairs in our country lacks the genuine and the touchable. We have built our lives on the fake and pretend.

Body of Christ, please read and "listen": What an opportunity we have! With the society in desperate need of what is real and authentic, we have that very thing to give!!! Or, do we? I just heard a provoking sermon by a pastor I respect. He was explaining that the concept of repentance is supposed to be freeing, but it is seldom exercised. Why?Because the religious use "repentance" as a means of control and condemnation. We feel it is the duty of the church to expose other's sins and therefore clean up the world around us. We are more "sin conscious" than we are "restoration conscious." We are called to heal and restore. Repentance has turned into a means of heaping guilt on the confessor and used as a manipulative tool to keep those "sinners" under the control of righteousness.

Wouldn't it be more effective if society knew that to be vulnerable is to be free? Why would you want to confess your sin and repent only to have guilt heaped on you by the religious "chosen frozen?" There is no safe place to confess weakness and be healed in our society. There is no safe place for vulnerably - free from guilt. That is why "nakedness" is not acceptable. That is why the world stays clear of the people that are supposed to have keys to unlock their prison doors! They clothe themselves in the fraudulent and try to portray a photoshopped existence only to pacify their condemning audience....the church. When we see an "illness" in society, we are so quick to condemn it rather than to reach into it with love. This is not to minimize sin and its sinister effects on us. Far be it! Sin will always lead to death!! Remember the Pharisees and religious leaders of Israel. They made it their aim to point out weakness and shame it openly. They were the very ones the Savior of the world rebuked for their hypocrisy. THEY WERE THE "SIN POLICE." But, Jesus showed the right way. He went in amongst those the religious shunned. The sinner was comfortable with Jesus. The religious leaders were not. Church, we weaken our position in the world when all we offer is the exposing of sin and condemnation. The world needs the Doctor, not religious piety. To not allow the world to be vulnerable in our company is to deny them Christ and to keep them trapped in their photoshopped life. We need to be authentic. If we are believers, than show others by 1. our love for each other (that is a blog unto itself) and 2. a unique and tangible love for the unbeliever! Fire the "sin police" in our midst. If there ever was police brutality.....I will leave that one right there for a "Selah" moment.

The world is crying out for authentic and vulnerable living. It will take a few more years of hiding in social media to destroy a generation. Join me and reach out to the photoshopped, hurting, and dying world. Let them know we are authentic, vulnerable, and touchable. We may not see eye to eye. But our job is to have the world see HIS EYES. Then, and only then, will we see a revival of restoration and righteousness. God will not be legislated, but He can be introduced!

Please take the time to watch the following:

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