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The Tight Place...


Over the past year, I have had several people speak into my life concerning "tight places." I thought I knew what they were saying to me. This morning, the phrase, "Tight Places" took on the meaning Father wanted me to understand.

Quick backstory: Our ministry, Poiema Arts, Inc., is on the verge of a significant advancement in the Kingdom. The "How and When" have been somewhat vague at times. We are believing for a large campus to house the ministry that will invade the art's world for the sake of Christ and His Kingdom. I took "Tight Places" to mean that Father would be reducing the vision and ministry only to confine me to smallness. The reality of smallness has been a part of my life and ministry of the past 40 years (though, I would never change a thing!!!), supporting and building the ministries of others as I dreamed of one day being entrusted with one of my own. Could this really be what I was to understand and experience about tight places moving forward - being said "no" to? And then, my dog walked in to the room to give wisdom and clarity. Yes, a dog. So, here goes my "Aha experience of the day."

This morning, I took a posture of prayer on my knees with my head on the floor, cradled in my hands. Bella, our chihuahua mix fur baby, pushed her way under me. There wasn't much room between me and the floor, but somehow Bella squeezed her fat little body in the "tight place." She curled up into a small ball and let out a sigh of contentment, something she is known for when she finds her "sweet spot."

God immediately spoke to me out of my clouded understanding. "This is the tight spot I want you in. I want you to know the security and contentment of being close to me - like a child tightly confined to the womb of its mother. Enjoy My breath and the beat of My heart, knowing that nothing can touch you here. Don't try to move, I've got this!" My mind immediately let go of preconceived ideas and went to Bella's tight place. She was content. She was warm. And, she had my full attention. Could this be what Father desired from me? I think that it is. Imagine the tightness of the womb right before birth. It is tight and confining, but peaceful and secure. The child can barely move. The baby can hear the heartbeat of the mother and is wooed by her breathing. There is nothing on earth like this bond between a mother and the child she carries. So it is with Father.

When you are tempted to give in to the discouragement of misunderstanding the will of Father, remember, the "tight place" is a place of contentment and security - outside of the pressures of the world and life in general. It's a place of intimacy and full attention. "Come boldly before the throne of grace....come boldly." Push in like Bella and allow the tightness of the womb of God reassure you of HIs love and His purpose in you.

You have His full attention. You were never meant to be small. In fact, you were meant to be the light of the world...something incredibly significant. Allow Him to carry you in His womb. When you are birthed, you will enjoy a freedom like no other. Go ahead, think Big. Plan Big. Expect Big. And don't forget to enjoy the tight place.....daily.....for the rest of eternity.

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Feb 03, 2020

Wow!!! Very cool.

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