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The Need

After years or researching, counsel, and prayer, POIEMA ARTS CONSERVATORY and PoiemArtistry has chosen to establish operations in the greater Raleigh, NC area. 


The plan is to purchase the property this summer. Through the generous donations of like-minded individuals and businesses, PAC will move forward within the next few months to fulfill a mandate to become a relevant arts conservatory – relevant as we will speak the language of the artist with excellence and exceptionalism while being uncompromised in our mission to expand the Kingdom of God through the arts. 


It is our desire to begin the process of renovating a current building to include 3 - 4 large rehearsal and dance studios, a fully equipped set design arena, a large computer lab for Liberty University Online Education, and office suites, while enrolling for the 2019-2020 academic year. As the year progresses we will be building a state-of-the-art 1600 seat, fully equipped proscenium theater. This theater will house conservatory and professional theater productions, concerts, and recitals. 


As we look ahead to being operational by August 2019, we are seeking funds that will cover 3-4 years of operational costs including renovations and upkeep of the property, staffing, public relations and promotions, endowments, and utilities. 

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