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Tuition and Fees Schedule

Tuition is calculated per hour, per student, per week. There is a non-refundable yearly REGISTRATION FEE of $35.00 per FAMILY.
*Discounts are available for multiple students in a family. Hardship scholarships may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


In order to receive the 5% discount, all fees must be paid prior to the first class in September. For those choosing the two payment method, the first payment is due at registration and the final payment is due on January 3. Monthly payments are due on the first class day of each month.

Tuition Fees.png

*All classes beyond 6 hours are offered at no additional charge.

**For those students desiring Conservatory credit, include an additional $10 per class to each monthly payment or $100 per class pr year. Conservatory fees are NOT subject to discounts.


Costume Fees: There will be a $60.00 costume fee per class. These fees are due by October 15 or can be split into two easy payments (remainder due on January 3). No refunds will be given after January 3.

Recital Fee: There will be a non-refundable $50.00 recital fee per family. This is due at the time of registration. Recital fees include four tickets per family to the spring production. Additional tickets can be purchased for the production.

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