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Similitude, The Great Adventure Begins, was a tremendous theatrical and spiritual success. Many lives were challenged and changed as they participated on stage and in the audiences. Many testimonies were shared about these life-altering "God-encounters,"  too many to list here.


Many of the theater-goers shared experiences of excitement, empathy, awe, surprise, repentance, and hope. From the opening courtroom scene to the homegoing closing, audiences were exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the characters of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. The music, by artist Neal Morse, along with incredible acting, stunning choreography, and unique costuming added to the authenticity of the message, leading cast and audiences alike into the amazing truths of God. 


"I touched heaven," said one audience member. "I will never be the same." 


PoiemArtistry is excited about the future productions of Similitude including the upcoming movie version of the show. More details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!!!!



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